TILAVA - Re-thinking the real estate business

The launch of Tilava is the beginning of a completely new concept within the real estate business.
We stand out from the crowd because of what we sell, how we sell it and how we visually present our objects.
We don't want people to see us as a real estate broker, we want people to see us as a real estate experience provider.

Our client segment is more nisched than that of a traditional real estate firm.
Our client is looking for style and that little extra in his or her home. That being said, the price range of our objects can
vary from more affordable treasures to more expensive value properties, but they all have two things in common:
they look damn good and they stand out from the crowd!

Besides style we focus on top notch service level. For many people buying a home is financially the biggest investment
they will ever make and selling a home often involves a lot of emotions. This process does therefore deserve the highest possible level of service.
The building blocks reaching such a service level is time and honesty. To ensure that we have enough time for our clients,
we will limit the amount of objects that we have for sale at the same time. Traditionally real estate brokers have a minimum amount of
objects that they need to sell at the same time, leaving very little time to service clients.
This limited object framework is also used by real estate brokers in New York.
Our trustworthiness towards our clients we can only build through our honest actions.